CC License Version 4.0 released for public comment

“The Public, West Bromwich – Welcome to The Public Entrance Free” / ell brown / CC BY

Creative Commons has posted for public comment the first discussion draft of version 4.0. This draft moves CC further toward a single global license and is the product of an extended (and unprecedented) requirements gathering period involving input from CC affiliates, community and stakeholders.

The new version

  • fully licenses database rights on the same terms and conditions as copyright and neighboring rights,
  • requires waivers of rights beyond copyright and neighboring rights (e.g., press publisher rights, catalog rights) but only if possible and then only to the extent necessary to allow the work to be used as intended under the license, and
  • waives (or non-asserts) moral rights where possible to allow the work to be used as otherwise permitted by the license;  for all other purposes (or where a waiver or non assert is not permitted), those rights are fully reserved.
  • Other terms are still under consideration and public input is welcomed.  There is a special page dedicated to this first 4.0 draft with the full draft of BY-NC-SA and a detailed chart comparing this draft to version 3.0, among other resources. The primary discussion forum continues to be the license-discuss list.   CC looks forward to hearing from you!

    More information is available here.

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