SPARC Europe responds to Finch report

SPARC Europe’s response to the Finch report has been posted at

Drafted by Dr. Alma Swan, Director of European Advocacy, the major points are:

(i) The Finch study is disappointing in not focusing properly on providing Open Access but instead on providing Extended Access.
(ii) The UK is already in the forefront in providing Open Access, but the way it has achieved this success (via Green Access and a network of open repositories) is neither recognised by this study, nor used to build further similar progress.
(iii) Recommending paying for ‘hybrid’ Gold Open Access without securing full re-use rights in exchange for the payment is not the advance we were hoping for, and will hamper academic and commercial research progress.
(iv) The overall recommendations are out of line with those of every other policy from every other nation, region or institution. This is not brave leadership, but a serious mistake.

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